The RPT D2848 Hydraulic Reel Pallet Truck is a durable and dependable piece of equipment that is suitable for a wide variety of material handling applications. It has a capacity of 1500kg, making it ideal for handling heavy loads with ease.

With overall dimensions of 1935mm x 1025mm x 1180mm, this truck is easy to maneuver in tight spaces. The minimum fork height is 25mm, while the maximum fork height is 135mm, and the maximum lifting height is greater than or equal to 115mm, ensuring efficient and effective lifting of heavy loads.

The fork length of the RPT D2848 is 1200mm, offering ample space for loads of different sizes. The load reel double wheel measures ø80 x 59mm, while the steering wheel measures ø180 x 50mm. The fork thickness is 3.2/4.2mm, providing the required strength and durability to handle heavy loads.

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The truck can handle different types of loads with versatility and flexibility due to its reel size range of 700mm/28″ to 1200mm/48″. The machine integrates a standard pump, while the handle and structure comprise mild steel, providing additional strength and durability.

The net weight of the RPT D2848 is 135kg, making it easy to transport and maneuver. The truck has wheels made of nylon or polyurethane, which add durability and longevity to it.

The RPT D2848 Hydraulic Reel Pallet Truck is a dependable and efficient material handling solution. It offers a robust construction, ample lifting capacity, and versatile design to handle various types of loads.

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