Double Mast Goods Lift

Double Mast Goods Lift

The Hydraulic Goods Lift by Brightway Engineers is a material handling equipment designed to lift and transport heavy goods with ease. The lift has a capacity upto 2000 kg and a lifting height of approximately 22 feet. A 3HP motor powers the lift, and it operates on a 3-phase AC power source.


The lift features two hydraulic cylinders and a power pack system with a 5HP pump. Additionally, the pump, which is from Yuken/Vtek brand, ensures optimal performance. Guaranteeing smooth operation and extended lifespan, the company hones the cylinders with world-renowned oil seals and hard chrome-plated pistons.

To prevent overloading, the lift is equipped with a safety relief valve.Additionally, precise positioning is ensured by a limit switch with a mechanical stopper from Balaji make. Furthermore, a flow control unit from Yuken is employed to regulate the flow rate during descent.


Furthermore, The lift has a solenoid valve for direction control and an oil level indicator. Additionally, its base frame is robust and suitably braced to withstand twisting moments, with pivot point bushes made of 8620 Bushes. The hydraulic system comprises an oil tank, pump cylinder, manifold plate, and hydraulic cylinder. Additionally, the system is equipped with advanced components to ensure efficient performance. Furthermore, the company can customize the color of the lift according to the customer’s requirements.

Additionally, The hydraulic goods lift has a railing on three sides and a pendent on each floor up to G+1, G+2, G+3, G+4. It is important to note that the operation of the lift requires a 3-phase 415V electric connection, and the client is responsible for arranging the hydraulic oil. Moreover, all material unloading and heavy labor during erection, commission, and delivery fall under the client’s scope, as well as any civil work such as R.C.C. beam or Guarder required to support the machine mast structure. Any additional requirements beyond these will incur extra charges.

Located in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, Brightway Engineers offers an extensive range of Material Handling Equipment. They specialize in hydraulic pallet trucks, high lift hydraulic pallet trucks, electric hydraulic pallet trucks, manual hydraulic stacker, semi-electric hydraulic stacker, fully electric hydraulic stacker, counterbalance hydraulic stacker, industrial hydraulic order pickers, drum handling hydraulic equipment, aerial work platform, electro-hydraulic scissor lifting table (Pit mounted), hydraulic operated dock leveler, hydraulic goods lift, scissor lifting tables, With a strong focus on total customer satisfaction, the company manufactures all equipment to international standards, ensuring impeccable quality throughout.

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