Brightway Engineers is the leading manufacturer supplier of Pigeon hole racks. we serve pan India majorly Noida, Greater Noida, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Baddi etc.

Our team designs pigeon hole racks with full-length dividers to create individual open-fronted sections. By employing this simple but powerful design, we have the ability to fix the height of each shelf according to the items being stored.

This approach provides a manageable solution that can adapt to an ever-changing stock profile. When your stock profile includes a wide variety of different items, pigeon-hole rack shelving systems offer a practical and cost-effective storage solution. They are perfect for enhancing stock-picking duties while maintaining good levels of stock visibility.

We design pigeon hole racks to maximize the usage of space within a structure.They are customizable to fit virtually any space available in the building.

Pigeon hole racks are also very good in terms of organization. If you have a workplace with many people handling different roles pigeon hole racks are quite good at ordering information between these people. Pigeon Hole racks manufacturer in Noida


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